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I’ve spent just over two decades squirrel hunting, allow me to show you the gear, tactics, and skills that will make you a successful squirrel hunter.  Welcome to squirrelhuntingjournal.com

My name is Nate and I’m a squirrel hunting fanatic! There, I said it.  I’m a rimfire enthusiast also.

As you can see, this site is all about my absolute favorite topic and past-time, squirrel hunting.

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Great day of squirrel hunting

A little background on me:

I grew up out in the country and started hunting and fishing with my Daddy early in my life. My first introduction to squirrel hunting was toting a break barrel 410 shotgun through the woods with my Daddy. That pretty much planted the seed for me. Don’t get me wrong, I like to hunt other game animals (deer, rabbit, and varmints) and fish whenever I get the chance, but hunting squirrels (also known as tree rats, limb chickens, or squacks) is still the most rewarding for me. My fondest memories are hunting with my Pa, Daddy, and brother with a $40 bird dog (puppy) that was purchased to hunt quail, but ended up being a self trained squirrel dog . Missy was one of the best I’ve ever hunted with.


Early on in my squirrel hunting days, as said earlier, I started off with a 410 shotgun, then went to a 20 gauge 870 Remington. From there it was on to the 22 long rifle cartridge (my favorite for squirrels). I’m a fan of one shot one kill. I’ve hunted with a Remington 597, Marlin model 60, Ruger 10/22, Henry lever action all with iron sights. From there I outfitted said rifles with a red dot sight and had some good success, but as of late I’ve found my calling in a scoped rifle. Now a CZ 452 with a good piece of glass is my go to choice for memorable days spent in the squirrel woods. Each rifle is mission specific for me, along with ammo choice, and scope selection. Whether I’m gonna be hunting over the dogs, stalking, or picking squirrels off from a specific spot, I’ve got a rifle/ammo/glass combination for each occasion. For longer shots in the late season I’m also am a fan of the 17 Hornady Mach II cartridge.

squirrel hunting with friends

Over the past year, I’ve started keeping a journal of each hunt I went on and documented data such as:

  • Location
  • Temperature and conditions
  • Weapon
  • Harvest
  • Shots fired

After sharing some of this data with a few of my hardcore squirrel hunting buddies, they started suggesting that I share it and future hunts on the web. Thus, squirrelhuntingjournal.com was born.

Hunting squirrels with a squirrel dog

My goal is to provide information and advice on the following topics:

I love to test and try new stuff. For example, I’m always on the hunt for the “perfect squirrel rifle” and I’ll be sharing my personal opinions on all kinds of stuff. 

Please consider joining me on my squirreling adventures. Hopefully, you’ll find some interesting information, videos, pictures or ideas here, so let’s get started.  If you’d like to reach out via email;  squirrelhuntingjournal@gmail.com

Squirrel hunting with suppressed CZ 452

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