Suppressed Squirrel Hunting December 2015

Well December didn’t go as well as planned, but we did get a few squirrels on camera.  I sure hope January turns out a little better.  Hope yall enjoy the video!

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7 thoughts on “Suppressed Squirrel Hunting December 2015

  1. Guys I have found some awfully well made “fanny packs” in various camp patterns at Walmart most inexpensively. Like you all, I can not find a good camo game vest any more. I bought one dove vest but it is thin and skimpy. I just defer to the fanny pack. It is comfortable and holds about five or six squirrels.

    War Eagle Man in Auburn.

  2. Hey Nate!

    I really enjoy the website and videos. Helps get through the off season!

    I was wondering if you could do an article or video on the squirrel carrier you have? I think it’s the same as the one holding the squirrels from your truck in the website picture. Looks like a fish stringer and a wooden dowel? Also, how/where do you put the pin through the foot to hold the squirrels?

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

    Jon Eckert

  3. Nate, I also love hunting squirrels. Born and raised in Louisiana, I was squirrel hunting since I was able to walk. I use 12 gauge shotgun when I’m meat hunting and use a anschutz .17mach2 when i’m hunting for a challenge. I have a question, i’m looking for a good strap hunting game bag in realtree camo or mossy oak. Everything made today is for upland game birds and not large enough to handle a limit of squirrels and a few swamp rabbits. And the good ones usually have blaze orange which I don’t want when stalking. I tried turkey bags, but haven’t found one I like. Currently looking at Filson bags, but would want something more like the old Rattler’s brand bags we used to used back in the day. Any suggestions would greatly appreciated!!

    1. It seems that this type of carrier, to my knowledge, doesn’t exist. I am in complete agreement that it would be handy to have. Being “hands free” on a stalk type hunt is a tremendous benefit. Like you, I have zero desire for giant areas of blaze orange on a vest, unless I’m hunting gamelands. I carry my squirrels on a hand made carrier that can support up to 8 squirrels, but that can be cumbersome when attempting to take your next animal. I’ll be on the look out for something, and if I do run across the right piece of kit I’ll be sure to write about it. I’ve been requested to do a write up on my current carrier, but season will have to end first. Thanks for taking the time to leave me a comment.

  4. Nate, enjoyed the video and the music. Beautiful woods! Those Eley subsonic hollow points making a heck of a sound on impact too.

    You make those long shots look easy.

    Happy New Year!

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