Journal Entry 11/17/2012

Gun:  CZ 452 16″ Threaded American

Scope:  Clearidge Ultra XP 6-20x40AO Mildot

Ammo:  Federal Automatch 40gr. Solid

Took Sassy and Koda out today on another newly acquired 40 acres of really good hardwoods.  It was a touch on the windy side, somewhere between 15-25 mph.  If you know squirrel hunting you know windy conditions can be tough for good results.  On the first loop through I saw one squirrel that denned up in a topped out poplar tree.  On the second loop I caught her in another poplar tree.  She went to the top, seeing myself and the puppies.  I fired 3 times at her, at a very sharp angle, hitting branches in the way the first two times.  The last shot connected, entering the ear and exiting out of the nose region.  Knocked her out of the tree but not dead.

That’s when having a dog can also pay off.  Sassy was the first to mouth the squirrel and Koda came in to finish the job.  Boiled the squirrel up when we returned home, and rewarded the dogs with the meat.

Shots fired:  3

Squirrels taken: 1

11-17-2012 robert 600

Beautiful way to end the day.

11-17-2012 robert2 600



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