Accu-Riser Review

When I decided to dip my toes into the world of the CZ 452, I went the most inexpensive route possible.  At the time, I wasn’t how sure I’d like the CZ rifle, so I opted for the CZ 452 Scout.  Well we all know how that worked out…….  What made it desirable besides cost was that it would be a great woods roaming squirrel rig.  While the iron sights are usable, and exactly how this rifle is made function, it was always my intention to add an optic.  I soon found that the angled comb wasn’t indicative for a rifle scope.  That’s when I stumbled upon the Accu-Riser.

I searched the market looking for a comb riser that would match my Scout’s beech wood stock.  I found lots of options that are in the nylon category or “tactical” category, and they just didn’t fit the bill.  After reading a little about the Accu-Riser I decided to give one a try.

The Accu-Riser comes packaged nicely, with all the needed hardware for your mounting tasks.  Two rubber pads (5/8″ and 1″) are supplied for the right comb height.  My preffered method of attachment is via the two-sided tape and velcro strap.  I have used the screw in method before, but it was into a synthetic stock.  Preservation of the wood stock in it’s purchased form is important to me so the velcro strap method works perfectly.

When deciding where you want to mount your Accu-Riser, first open the bolt of the rifle to make sure you have the needed clearance to remove the bolt fully.  If you mount to far forward your bolt removal will be no more.  Now you’ll need to shoulder the rifle to make sure your cheek falls comfortably on the riser.  I’ve always used the one inch rubber riser for the CZ Scout.  It adds just the right height for lining up with my scope choice.  Once you’ve got your position, make a small mark with a pencil to show where the forward most part of the riser should go.

You’ll then need to thread your supplied Velcro strap into place on the riser.  Now hook the bottom of the strap under the lower portion of the stock, and let the riser rest at the rear of the comb.  Time to apply the double sided tape.  I always attach this to the stock before placing the Accu-Riser on top of it.  Once your tape is in place, bring the Accu-Riser forward, and put it into position.  Next step is to press down to assure the tape and the underside of the Accu-Riser make contact.  Then you’ll thread the loose end of the Velcro strap through the buckle, and cinch it down.  Make sure to press down from the top while cinching down to ensure you have a good connection, and that all the slack you want is out of the Velcro cordage.  Lastly, Velcro into place and trim the excess with scissors. 

That’s it!  You’ve now installed your Accu-Riser, and can enjoy using an optic on a rifle that has a less than desirable comb height.  The Accu-Riser has not allowed the dust to collect on my CZ Scout.  It allows me to use it like its larger kin, the CZ 452 American.  The CZ Scout is made just right for using iron sights.  However, with my eyes growing older, the Accu-Riser breathes new life into a rifle that is worthy of a great optic.

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