Journal Entry 11/10/2012

Gun:  CZ 452 Ultra Lux

Scope:  Clearidge Ultra RM 3-9x32AO Duplex Dot

Ammo:  Aguila Super Extra Subsonic 38gr. HP

So let me set the groundwork for this story.  My brother has a neighbor, that has a ladder stand for deer, on a swamp edge on the corner of my brother’s property.  Well said neighbor was tired of the squirrels getting in his corn so he let me know it would be great if I could come in a snipe a few squirrels off from his stand.  That’s a perfect mission for the Ultra Lux, because with the 28.6 inch barrel and subsonic ammunition the rifle comes close to decibel levels of a suppressed rifle.

I ended up taking four out of his stand this evening and two of those required two shots based on my crummy aiming.  Sometimes it’s just fun to set up in an area and snipe these squirrels off.  Those of you who deer hunt know that when you go deer hunting, forget about seeing deer, because the squirrels will be out in full force.

Ultra Lux Deer Stand



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