Journal Entry 10/15/2012

Gun:    CZ 452 American #2

Scope:  Bushnell Ledgend Ultra HD 4.5-14x44SF

Ammo:  Aguila Super Extra Subsonic 38 Grain HP

Opening morning here in NC for the 2012 season.  Brad and I had already scheduled time off to be in the timber.  Running just a tad behind, we quietly made our way into a creek bottom as it was getting light.  Spotted a squirrel right away, so we moved into position hoping the squirrel would head our way.  Wasn’t long and that happened.  Brad placed a CCI 36gr. Minimag HP in the vitals (out of the “Green Mile’, his rifle’s nickname).  One down.  I took the next two with my Stoney Point Steady Stix, both with shots to the vitals.  The smaller one (second shot) took a dip in the creek on the fall out of the tree.

Brad had a little trouble with the next squirrel, firing 3 times with no hits.  The squirrel then camouflaged itself well in that sweetgum tree.  I stepped out to the waterhole to see if it was visible from there.  I had a visual, and made a 60+ yard shot in the vitals, sending that squirrel crashing to the forest floor.  Somehow in this process I ended up tearing a large hole in the back of my camo pants.

Squirrel Hunting Pant Tear


We then moved across the field and into another patch of woods where Brad took a “gimmie” at 15 yards.  There was a huge “wolf” or warble as they are scientifically known, on that females back.  This concluded the morning hunt.

10-15-2012 Morning Take

For the afternoon, we went right back to the morning spot and I took one right before we had a downpour of rain that sent us running to a sheltered area on my inlaws property.  We waited out the shower & finished up in an area that bordered my inlaws property.  We saw 5 squirrels in that setting, and Brad took one of those.  We had a great opening day, it beats going to work everyday of the week.

N&B opening day


Squirrels taken by myself: 4

Shots taken:  4

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