Journal Entry 12/15/2012

Rifle: CZ 452 American #2

Scope: Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 4.5x14x44 Mildot

Ammo: Aguila SESS 38gr. HP


Went over to Bill’s this morning solo. Pulled in just after first light, got my stuff together and sat down right by the driver’s side of the truck. That’s my normal spot. I think Brad and I have severely reduced the population here. The only squirrel I saw was by Bill’s neighbor’s house that has the horse pasture. Not even a chance at that one.

I decided to make my way back to his mama’s house. I crept quietly, but not quiet enough for the deer to pick me off. They blew and flagged, as they ran away. I caught a little movement, on what I thought was the other side of the creek, but when I glassed it was a squirrel that was spooked by the deer. Perfect, should be an easy 20-25 yard shot. Got into position, used my stix, took the shot, missed! My accuracy has gotten worse I tell ya. I am even considering purchasing $7 per 50 round SK ammo now. Anyway, the squirrel moved up the same tree to post again and this time the subsonic hollowpoint found its mark right in the bean. This launched another squirrel into a verbal tirade, and I had trouble locating it. I did end up seeing it and it gave me two great opportunities to take it but again my accuracy was less than acceptable, so that squirrel gets to see another day.

One of Bill’s mama’s cats got a couple other squirrels barking but they were to close to the fellas property who doesn’t care for hunting. I did go sit down in the woods by the creek for a little while, but no movement. I shot at a blown over trees’ root ball to see if my gun was on, and from what I could tell it was. I did drop by Jimmy Creech’s before calling it a morning to not see one squirrel at his house. I think the 8 we killed a month ago was a big hit to his squirrel herd. I’ll be back to add this afternoons events.

12-15-12 Morning


Well I’m back, and with more disturbing news. I can’t seem to connect, although now both Brad and I think that the rifle is off. More to come on that. This will be a long entry as things weren’t quite right this afternoon. Brad went right by the neighborhood and to the gas terminals before he called and I rerouted him. Next as we were going to leave the garage door would malfunction and stop closing to open itself back up. Turns out the sun was bearing down on the sensor that lets the door know if there is an object in the way, and it wouldn’t close. I had to shadow the sensor to make the door work. We were suppose to start hunting at 3pm, it was 3:15pm before we left the house.

 Brad and I went to Robert’s place. It was a very still, blue sky, 55 degree afternoon. Sassy and Koda came along for the hunt. I chose to stay with the American #2, with the back up being the 16” American. We actually saw a squirrel at the base of the path that the dogs didn’t see, but I wouldn’t take the shot as I didn’t know if someone was in the deer stand below it. Never was able to locate the squirrel after that. The next squirrel I glassed was at the back of the property in a big white oak, that I’m sure Sassy bumped but had no idea there was one in the tree. I offered the shot to Brad, and am glad I did because we would further conclude that my rifle needed some more time on the bench. I taped Brad making an excellent shot and the squirrel coming out for the dogs to finish off. Things were looking good.

 The next squirrel was up in a leaning red oak. Sassy looked up in this tree and Brad caught that, so I glassed and sure enough there was a squirrel. Brad said he’d video and I could shoot. Took a lot of maneuvering but I finally got into a position with my stix. Settled in and bang and a miss? Couldn’t believe it. Cycled another round miss. Now the squirrels on the move. I emptied the magazine to reload, and I think empty that mag. Brad asked if I needed help and I resisted but I’m glad I gave him the clear because again the “Green Mile” took care of business in one shot. I was disappointed and loosing confidence. I sat there and reloaded my mags and topped the rifle off as I hung my head in disbelief. By the time we made it to the squirrel after discussing my missing string, Sassy had almost chewed the front paw off of the squirrel. I had to remove it from her mouth. Silly mutt.

 By this time we were loosing light. We headed toward the back of the property again and Sassy was on the move, but not really “treeing” anything. I started to glass the “squirrely” looking trees and again I spotted a squirrel. Brad was truly baffled at how well I could pick these squirrels out with my binos. I just know after years of hunting over dogs, that you get use to looking for certain indicators and also how to scan the trees, and tree tops.

 Brad elected to film and let me take the squirrel. I finally found a position with my stix to make the shot. Well unbelievably I made a hit, in the head, with this inaccurate rifle way up in the top of this white oak. Couldn’t believe it. Dogs sailed in, Sassy getting tangled up in barbwire, but by God’s grace no injuries. Brad and I discussed the kill as the dogs wanted to do nothing more than lick the squirrel. Brad said to check the footage and we reviewed it to see if he had the kill in frame. Well when we checked it I saw another squirrel in the video when I shot the first one. On to take that one. I got back into position, as these squirrels were head to tail together in the tree. I sat down and posted up against a tree with a solid hold. I must have fired at least 7 rounds, striking all around the squirrel but not making contact. I was frustrated! Brad couldn’t see the squirrel as light was really fading fast now. I asked him if he’d let me shoot “The Mile”, he said of course. I powered his BSA sweet 22 up to 12-14 power and settled in. Pulled the trigger the first time and put a CCI 36 grain Mini Mag right in the bean, further revealing my rifles accuracy problems. It was a long shot as the squirrel was very high in that white oak.

 It was a rough day for the American #2, and I “aim” (no pun intended) to figure out the problem tomorrow. An inaccurate rifle in my squirrel hunting lineup is unacceptable! What a day.

Here’s the problem:

American #2 off

I can’t answer why my group opened up like this or why it’s this far off.  Could have bumped the rifle.  That’s why I always carry at least 2 rifles to every hunt, especially if it’s a long distance hunt.

Shots taken:  ?? Over 20?

Squirrels taken by myself:  3

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