Suppressed Squirrel Hunting November 2015

November is already upon us, and we continue to hunt hard and shoot straight to bring you all the squirrel hunting action we can.  There’s excellent footage of a gorgeous fox squirrel taken at almost 50 yards!  Hope y’all enjoy this installment.



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8 thoughts on “Suppressed Squirrel Hunting November 2015

  1. Love your vids and the rifle /ammo testing.
    What scopes are you currently using on the 452s? I noticed you were using the 6x24s and was interested in your thoughts on that much power (24) in the woods? what do you prefer now, the 6×24 or the 4×16 Bushnell that you tested? Thanks.

    1. My most carried CZ has a 6-20 on it. It’s excellent for sight in and has the extra power needed for those 65+ yard shots in the timber. For a compromise the 4.5-14 would be a close second. Just enough power at sight in and the added magnification in the woods is often helpful. For the price the Bushnell is awfully hard to beat. I’m also partial to the Mildot reticle for taking those longer shots. I do have a couple of 6-24 power scopes, Weaver and Sightron, but for what they cost, I’m not sure they out do the Bushnell Legend Ultra HD.

  2. Nate have you tried measuring the rim thickness of your ammo to improve accuracy, I find this makes a big difference in group size.

  3. Nate, Howdy;

    Enjoyed the Nov. video. Lots of nice action. Truly liked the Red Fox squirrel.(thumbs-up both of ’em!).
    Couple of questions if ya don’t mind … Noticed the barrel on your 10/22 was shiny lookin’. Did you swap out barrels?? And one for Le Brad (if ya don’t mind), how’s the Fedderson barrel doin’ on the CZ??
    Appears that you are makin’ the shots that count, just curious…
    Thanks to you both for the great videos, miss my tree rat hunts, while livin’ in the Southwest desert…

    1. Thanks for taking the time to watch the hunts of November. The shiny barrel on the 10/22 is my other Ridgerunner, I call her the Timber Shadow. The barrel is one of Feddersen’s stainless models. LaBrad has a second generation Feddersen 455 barrel with the PTG chamber. It’s a shooter on that rifle. The stock has been pillar and glass bedded by Don Smith of New York. I have a third generation barrel and mine doesn’t shoot quite as accurate, but I’d take it in the woods. The reason it doesn’t make it to the woods is my superior shooting 452 16″. Glad you could relive some memories through out hunts.

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