Norma Tac 22 Ammo Testing

This ammo is new to the scene in 2014 for me, but was announced in January at the Shot Show.  There was some positive buzz ringing about this loading and I figured while it was less expensive than SK Standard Plus or Wolf Match Target I would give it a try.  For the price ($50-$55 per 500) I figured since I had a rifle I didn’t have a load for, it was worth testing.  The round is labeled for 1100 fps, and depending on elevation and temperature that can be a subsonic loading.  Most folks would consider it standard velocity and I would agree.  This round does have a lube over the entire cartridge but it’s no where near as apparent as that of SK or Wolf.  From what I’ve been able to gather, RWS loads this round for Norma.

While at a large gun shop (I’d say 3,500 – 4,500 firearms), visiting family friends, I accidentally went home with a lightly used, 2005 model CZ 452 American.  I just couldn’t leave it sitting there at that price, in that condition, knowing they are not making them anymore.  The store employee said it had only been there one month and had he known it was there he would have purchased it.  This 452 would make a perfect test bed for this newly introduced loading.

I started the test as I have every other.  Shots were from a bench, shooting from a bipod, with squeeze socks at the rear of the rifle.  Weather conditions were a little more indicative for August in North Carolina.  Temperature was 88°F, Humidity 55%, winds were north at 4 mph and it was mostly sunny.

081614 CZ 452 #4 NT22

When weighing these rounds out for testing, I was surprised to find that the range wasn’t as great as some other brands previously tested.  The range was from 52.7-53.3.  In my mind the smaller the spread, the more consistent the load should be.

The first group only consisted of two rounds, only one tenth of a grain between the two.  I decided to fire both of these on the same target.  The group turned out great, but not quite where I was aiming.  I made adjustments after firing to move the crosshairs of the Weaver V16 to the group fired.

1.  1076

2.  1094

081614 NT 22 52.7-52.8

Next up was the 52.9 grain group, which was the most consistent weight out of the box of 50 rounds that I tested.  I was on a roll with this group until shot number five.  Based on the chrono results, the last shot should have been in the five round grouping.  I can’t say for sure it wasn’t me pulling the shot, but the numbers say it should be housed with the previous four shots.

1.  1090

2.  1077

3.  1125

4.  1089

5.  1125

081614 NT 22 52.9

The group from the 53.0 grain selection wasn’t quite to the center of the target, but it can certainly be covered by a penny.

1.  1107

2.  1099

3.  1120

4.  1098

5.  1113

051614 NT 22 53

Group 53.1 opened up a little, but as the weight went up so did the speed of the round.

1.  1115

2.  1124

3.  1108

4.  1110

5.  1110

081614 NT 22 53.1

Unexpected to me the second to the highest weight (53.2) produced one of the best groups I fired from the Norma Tac 22.  This could possibly be attributed to the rifle settling into this round.  I have no idea of the previous history of this rifle with number of rounds fired.

1.  1113

2.  1098

3.  1126

4.  1122

5.  1130

081614 NT 22 53

With the left over rounds I decided to continue to work the rifle bore with these rounds.  As such, I fired another 52.9 grain group and wasn’t very impressed.  What impressed me was firing another 53.2 grain group that was the second best of the day.

1.  1128

2.  1117

3.  1119

4.  1141

5.  1125

081614 NT 22 53.2 #2

In keeping with the theme of “seasoning” the barrel I took the remaining 52.9 – 53.2 grain rounds and fired one 13 round group.  There was only one round in this group that failed to stay within nickel.  Not bad for a decently priced target grade ammo.

081614 52.9-53.2 13 shots

My thoughts on Norma Tac 22 are very positive.  It is a budget minded target grade ammo at an affordable price.  I plan on leaving this rifle doped for this round for the upcoming squirrel season.  If you are on the fence, and SK and Wolf prices are just too much, find some of this Norma Tac 22 and put your rifle to the test.  I think your results will closely mirror mine.

081614 NT 22 complete target

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3 thoughts on “Norma Tac 22 Ammo Testing

  1. Very impressed with Tac 22. I shoot a Savage zeroed at 50yd. I have friendly competition with my friends at 200 yards. The ammo does very well at that distance. We shoot at a 6″ cow bell.

  2. Here in mid-western Michigan, we have a .22 LR league where we shoot eggs at 100yds. Up until the release of the Norma Tac-22’s, the primary shells used were Eley Black Box, Lapua Midas and Wolf . Now there are an expanding group of shooters using Norma Tac-22 because of it’s consistency and it’s price. Most of the Target Guns used are Anschutz, Kimber 82-G’s, CZ’s, Izhmash CM-2’s with a sprinkling of older Remington, Winchesters, and Savages. Nearly everyone who have tried the new Norma shell is impressed by it’s performance and the following is growing. Some shooters will never give up their old tried and true but the more opened minded are giving Norma a try. By the way, all of my squirrels shot this year were shot with a Marlin Model 60 and a Marlin XT-22 VR and all were one shot kills using Tac-22’s. I’m sure sold.

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