Journal Entry 12/24/2012

Rifle: CZ 452 American #2

Scope: Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 4.5-14x44SF

Ammo: Winchester SS 40 grain HP


Went for a morning hunt only today. Me and my brother met up at the store @ 6:30am to go over and hunt behind Josh’s house. We were a little early as it was overcast and first light was just before 7am. Kevin’s dogs got back in bed when he got up, but Sassy knew it was go time. She would go squirrel hunting if she was fixing to die, she loves it that much. She gets crazy when you put her collar on.  If you open the door on the truck and she gets in, it’s just about impossible to get her out.


We started out in the field headed to some old oaks that I knew were loaded with squirrels. First couple of vines we shook were silent, but Kevin shook one in a poplar with a nest up high. Took a few yanks but a squirrel came out. I posted on a few trees before I found the right one, powered up and broke the shot. Bang, right in the bean. I could hear one moving behind me, and Kevin could see one on the ground. It was going to be a good morning. Sassy treed next but we couldn’t ever figure out what tree she was on. We did scan but no luck.


Sassy then treed just up the ridge line. This was a mating pair (found this out after the fact). They were in a pine and were in a “heated discussion” trying to figure out whether they should hide (the female) and the other wanting to finish off his mating session (the male). I settled into my stix and took one of them on the second shot (head). Kevin shot the other but it was still hanging on, so I sent a subbie into its neck to send it down to Sassy. We started to move over the ridge when Sassy treed almost in the same spot again. She pushed this squirrel up in a big poplar tree. I let Kevin roll video and that pressure helped me miss my first shot. On the second one I made contact and the squirrel came out, but it wasn’t over. Sassy treed it again and I finished it off at close range. Turned out to be another breeder male, probably in the area with that female being in heat.


Next we crossed the creek and Sassy was on a tree but we weren’t sure. We walked on by it and Sassy started to speak. We investigated to find 2 squirrels in it. A medium white oak. Kevin knocked both of these out and the second one was very small. We were hunting our way back to the truck and Kevin saw an old poplar with a giant cavity in it that went up about 60 feet. It looked like a squirrely tree and turned out to be. Kevin took one out on his side and I glassed the tree and found another. I took the shot from my stix and made contact to the bean.

12-24-2012 1


Next Kevin decided to shake a vine, that movement produced another squirrel in a different poplar tree. I got my mess right to take that squirrel when Kevin saw some moving on the ground and went after them. I used my stix and missed, imagine that! I moved to the other side to find the squirrel in a “V” and get this, I fired the first shot at a  totally open squirrel and missed, so the squirrel bladed itself making the shot tougher, and I made that shot, right in the head. Kevin also took one of the two he saw. We filtered in behind Josh’s house to finish up and Sassy treed one more that we didn’t go after. It was a very good day with both of us taking 5 a piece.

12-24-2012 2


Shots taken by me: >5


Squirrels taken by myself: 5

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