Journal Entry 12/13/14 “Squirrel Sniper Alpha Team” Take 2

We had a load of fun and got some pretty good film.  There was way to much action for me to put into writing.  We ended up taking eight by the end of the day.  Luckily I took a bunch of photos.  Hope y’all enjoy.

12-13-14 Daybreak

12-13-14 Squirrel land 1 12-13-14 Squirrel land 2

12-13-14 Nate's first squirrel

12-13-14 Mike's first squirrel 12-13-14 Mike's Kimber and squirrel

After missing one squirrel three times earlier in the morning I decided to make sure my rifle was still on.  From 50 yards.

12-13-14 After lunch practice 12-13-14 3 round group

12-13-14 Hard to shoot a squirrel when you shoot a tree

12-13-14 Midnight's victims

12-13-14 Nate's first afternoon squirrel 12-13-14 Blood Trail 12-13-14 Pass through shot 12-13-14 Nate's first afternoon squirrel 1

12-13-14 Afternoon take 12-13-14 Afternoon take 2

Sadly my “Squirrel Whisperer” is headed back to CZ-USA for a check up.  Reason being is all the light primer strikes I’ve had this season.  It may be a headspace issue.  I should know in 4 to 6 weeks.  This rifle may not see the woods for the rest of this season…..

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3 thoughts on “Journal Entry 12/13/14 “Squirrel Sniper Alpha Team” Take 2

  1. I enjoy reading your journal entries on this seasons squirrel hunting. I took my 13 year old nephew squirrel hunting for the first time a few weeks back and we bagged two a grey and a big fox. The nephew is hooked now and can’t wait to go again. Love Mike’s Kimber Classic, I bought one in 2007 the last year Kimber made a rimfire rifle it is my go to rifle here in the Ozarks for Squirrel and groundhogs Keep adding to your journal and I’ll keep reading. Thanks again. Gary

    1. Good on you for getting your nephew out. It’s fun to get out by yourself, but it’s also great to share the woods with someone else. Hope you keep coming back.

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