Journal Entry 12/22/2012

Rifle: CZ 452 American #2

Scope: Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 4.5-14x44SF

Ammo: Winchester 40 grain Subsonic HP


Well I’m happy to report after another sight in session my two problem rifles are back in the wheelhouse with a different choice of ammo for both. Went hunting just for the afternoon with my brother Kevin over at a piece of property he has access to.  We carried Tank, Sadie, and Sassy. Our first two squirrels were shaken out of a nest with a “doorbell”. Two mature males, bailed out of the nest and up to the top of a poplar tree. I videoed while Kevin took both with 3 shots.


The next squirrel was across the power line clear cut just on the edge in another poplar tree. I had stepped into some briars to shake a vine connected to a nest and Kevin spotted some movement. He stepped around the tree and told me to film the “V” and he’d knock him out. That he did, right in the bean. Good video here too.  Tank had a shake fest with this squirrel.


Next tree was a topped out poplar that had many vines and when Kevin rang the bell, I caught movement. I settled into my stix and made a neck shot at what I would call 30 yards. My rifle is back! Such a reassuring feeling. This squirrel may have been the smallest I’ve taken all year.


Our next squirrel was another vine shake, as we were loosing light pretty quickly. I was going to let Kevin roll film on this one, when I noticed Sassy wasn’t around and was quiet. When I saw her a squirrel was coming down a tree and she was on the chase. Well she treed that squirrel in a nest and I shook the vines to get it out but to no avail. So back to the other tree and I told Kevin to shoot as we were loosing light. We’ll I think he fired 4 shots as that squirrel came down the tree, and about 10 feet before getting to the ground the squirrel suicided out of the tree, over the dogs. Tank was hot on the trail but lost the squirrel. He came back to the creek bed, and jumped one that almost ran over my feet. There were squirrels all over this creek bottom. Tank treed this squirrel in a poplar with a nest and right in there the squirrel went. I shook the vine a few times and out it came. I wedged myself in between to small sweetgums and let the dogs and Kevin move the squirrel around the tree. Well shot one, I knocked a branch out of the way. The next 3 shots hit around the squirrel as I was squatting to make the shot and my heart was thumping. Mag change and the next one hit the mid back and the squirrel came out to be thrashed by Tank.


It was good to get back in the woods with a rifle and ammo combo you can depend on. Hope the rifle stays on for the rest of the season. Plenty of good footage for this year.


Shots fired: 6


Squirrels taken by myself: 2

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