Ribz Camo Front Pack

Let me go ahead and admit that I’m a gear head.  I love gear.   So if you’ve got plenty of hunting gear, you need a convenient way to carry that around.  A squirrel hunting vest may be the best option for some people, and does offer the luxury of front loading access.  The extra weight of the vest, along with adding another layer of clothing is what keeps me from using this type of kit.  Well I stumbled onto a product last season and will continue to use it for many seasons to come. It’s the Ribz front pack.  Let me tell you why it’s such a great pack from a squirrel hunters point of view.

Capacity: 700+ Cu In

Weight: 12.1 oz.

Waist: 32-44 in

210d water resistant ripstop nylon

Aiming at a squirrel

 First off it’s got plenty of space.  You can load this thing up, although I would advise against overloading it, as the pack was designed to counterbalance a large backpack.  There are two large pockets, and to smaller pockets on the front of those large pockets.  The large pockets have two sets of mesh elastic pockets stitched in for organization.  This pack was designed through a backpackers eyes so it’s missing somethings from a hunters perspective.  For me it’s a means of having somewhere to carry water and a place to house my shooting stix.  I’ve been assured by the owner of Ribz that they are working on an accessory to house a water bottle.  Gotta say I’m happy about that.

The camo pattern is excellent for eastern woodlands.  It’s called raptor camouflage and I believe is proprietary to Ribz.  A couple of upgrades to the bag that the 2012 bag lacked are the shoulder pads that can be locked into place, and the straps that cross in the middle of your back now have a great plastic cross grommet that will reduce shoulder/upper back pain immensely.  Ray and his team at Ribz do a really fantastic job of listening to there customer base and put into motion constructive criticism.  I wish more companies would take this approach.

Ribz pack front view

Another great thing about this pack is that no matter if you are right or left handed,  the shoulder straps will not interfere with you shouldering your rifle.  If you are use to carrying a backpack you know that the straps can really affect how you shoulder your rifle.  Also, I take most of my shots from the seated position and this bag is very easy to have a seat in.  It’s almost like wearing load bearing gear in a military application.

2013 Ribz pack back view

So what gear do I carry in my Ribz pack?  Well not a huge amount, but there are things I like to have with me.  My binoculars ride in there until the hunt starts.  I have to carry my video camera for video footage.  I carry a point and shoot camera also, with a small flexible tripod.  I have a way to start fire, other than a lighter.  I keep my Spyderco Delica 4 for skinning squirrels in the pack.  A pair of fast fit mechanix gloves.  A homemade squirrel carrying device. Two extra magazines for the rifle I’m using and a MTM ammo wallet for extra ammo.  Let’s not forget snacks, water, and my shooting stix.  Gotta have a light source of some sort, so I go for the lightweight Streamlight Stylus Pro.  Gotta have some toilet paper, cause you never know.  Also, treats to reward the dogs when they tree a squirrel and we shoot it out.

CZ 452 Ribz Pack

If you are looking a way to have some gear on you during any type of hunting, and a squirrel hunting vest isn’t your top choice either, I think the Ribz pack should be high on your list for consideration.  It’s a great pack, always evolving.  It will be money well spent, and durable enough to last you season after season.  At anytime I could possibly have a discount code for a current Ribz pack that I’m not allowed to publish online.  Email me at squirrelhuntingjournal@gmail.com to find out.

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3 thoughts on “Ribz Camo Front Pack

  1. Me 3. Do a write up on your squirrel carrier. I like to go minimalist. In the winter I just drop my squirrels in a large dump pouch and carry them. Summertime I carry a cooler lunch bag with frozen water bottles. I’d like to see how others do it.

  2. I would like to learn more about your squirrel carrier too! Thanks for the site and keeping it up to date.

  3. Nate, Howdy;

    Nice write up looks like a good quality piece of gear.
    You mentioned you have a Homemade squirrel carrier.
    any chance of you doing a write up on it?
    Thanks for considering..

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