Journal Entry 12/27/2013 “Squirrel Squad”

There is nothing quite like sharing a patch of woods with good friends and taking a few squirrels while doing it.  As I get old enough to look back on things, I see just how important the memories we make with friends and family can be.  Thus the whole reason behind me starting this journal.  I remember back on being the one who didn’t have time for pictures and wanted to be a sour puss about it.  I’ve certainly grown to love to look back on those memories now, that my Mama and Daddy fought hard to capture.  Now I take every opportunity to take a photo or video clip, of the people I spend time with out in the woods to have a great memory to look back on.

It’s been a while since this hunt, but I can tell you that we took two good fox squirrels before season ended and shared plenty of laughs along the way.  It was a great morning of hunting and fellowship together.  You can catch some of the action on the Squirrel Hunting Oct. 2013 – Dec. 2013 video, under the Squirrel Hunting Videos tab.  For now I’ll leave y’all with the pictures.

First squirrels 12-27-13

Wick and BB

BB's fox squirrel Wick's rifle

BB's fox squirrel 12-27-13

Squirrel hunting 12-27-13

Squirrel Hunting Squad

So ends another successful year spent in the squirrel woods, however our season doesn’t end until February 2014.  If we’re lucky we’ll be able to produce a few more journals between now and then.

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