Journal Entry 10/26/2013

Rifle:  CZ 452 American “Squirrel Whisperer”

Scope:  Clearidge Ultra XP 6-20x40AO Mildot

Ammo:  SK SS HP 40gr.

The weather is finally right this morning.  A frosty 30 degrees with zero wind.  Brad and I made it to our spot about 5 minutes before first light.  We didn’t really have a plan, as this was a new place we were hunting.  I knew where the biggest patch of timber was so that’s where we headed.  As we entered the woods, we discussed back and forth what might be the best place.  We decided to head to the creek bottom.  It took about 45 minutes for the action to start, that’s when we caught movement in the pine trees.  We found out that the squirrels were working the pine cones, as well as the grapes that were in the pine trees.

Brad waiting on a squirrel

When gray squirrels are working in there natural environment, they are always busy.  Sometimes so busy that it is tough to get a shot.  Brad finally got his opportunity to take a shot at one of the three squirrels working on the grapes.  The first shot hit in the area, but didn’t stop the squirrel from foraging.  The next 2 shots didn’t even phase the squirrel.  We came to the conclusion with all the misses, that Brad was hitting something in between him and the squirrel.  Brad and his rifle, “The Green Mile” are usually spot on, so those misses were unusual.  Brad whispered over to me “I’m gonna get that squirrel!”  That ended up turning out to be my job as Brad missed once more and turned the “hit” duties over to me.

We trailed this squirrel down to the field edge where it realized we were giving chase.  It crossed over to a large sweetgum tree, and saw me making movement.  I sat down and placed my rifle in my stix.  Turned my adjustable objective down to 25 yards and prepared for a shot.  The squirrel came out to a bend in the branch, to peep over the side to check me out.  I already had my crosshairs level and broke the shot.  Out came the squirrel.  After Brad retrieved it, I was surprised to see how small it was.  That was probably the reason it came to investigate me.

10-26-13 Morning take

Brad ended up getting one more squirrel before the morning was over, redeeming himself from the earlier misses.  We also gave chase to a saddleback color phase fox squirrel that would not slow down enough, through the tree tops, for a shot.  Another good morning in the woods.This place has plenty of potential, and we’ll be back for more.

Shots taken by myself:  1

Squirrels taken by myself:  1


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