The Squirrel I Couldn’t Kill (Guest post by KY Jim)

Hi Nate,

I enjoy watching your hunting trips in the woods via your YouTube videos and the great hunting articles and reviews you post on your Web Site and how it has started the hunting juices flowing in my veins again.

Back when I was a much younger man I hunted in the cold months and fished the warmer months.  Over the years as the family grew, I found myself going to the lake camping and fishing more and more until I no longer hunted.  Well back in 2011 at the end of October my darling wife informed me she would not go to the lake any longer due to her health (a light stroke) but I could still go if I wanted.  There is no fun going fishing without your best fishing buddy so I gave up on fishing as well.

Well in the summer of 2013, bored doing nothing, I decided to take up squirrel hunting again, and after 40 plus years away from the woods I had no place to hunt.  I then found out that the Kentucky Fish & Wildlife has public hunting land and shooting ranges around many lake and parks in Kentucky called Wildlife Management Areas or WMA where you can hunt for the price of hunting license.

At first I didn’t do too well, had a hard time finding the right wooded areas with squirrels and then I missed half at what I shot at.  That’s when I started going to the shooting ranges to hone my skills as a dead eye squirrel hunter.  After getting better optics, and a few gun modifications, my skills got much better.

So now let me tell you about the squirrel I stalked for half an hour and covered over a hundred yards taking shot after shot until I just gave up.  No I was not shooting at the squirrel with my rifle, I was shooting with my camera.  The squirrel I was stalking was a beautiful young snow white albino squirrel that I could not make myself take a shot at it.  In my life time I have only see one albino Robin and one albino fox and I just could not bring myself to shoot such a beautiful animal.

Sure it’s great to take you best rifle to the woods and take a few animals, but some times it’s just a great feeling to be in the woods just for the beautiful sights and sounds.  Sure I have lots of squirrel stories to talk about, but the one I talk about the most anymore is the albino I couldn’t shoot.  Thanks Nate for all that you do to promote the sport of squirrel hunting and at the age of 79 I enjoy being in the woods with or without a rifle.  Please see the attachment of the beautiful albino squirrel I couldn’t shoot………..KY Jim

White Squirrel - August 2014

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8 thoughts on “The Squirrel I Couldn’t Kill (Guest post by KY Jim)

  1. I’m surprised that in lieu of camouflage, that a raptor hadn’t got ’em already. Do they cull predators in that area as well?

    Thanks for sharing your story!

  2. I saw my first albino doe this season and only hope no one kills it and I can enjoy it for many more hunts in that area. There are some things worth just enjoying their presence like a gift from above.

  3. Ky Jim, Here in my neck of the woods, we have white squirrels in large numbers. In fact, the city protects them from harm. The place: Olney, Illinois. Check it out on the internet. They are beautiful to watch.

  4. Jim, enjoyed that story. I took pixs of several deer back a few years ago that would made a good trophy for someone. Shooting with the camera certainly can be fun!

    PS I retired back in 2012 myself and back shooting squirrels ago too.



  5. What great story. I have never seen an albino squirrel. That must have been an exciting hunt. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Jim – I applaud your restraint as that’s a truly beautiful squirrel. I couldn’t have taken that shot either.

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