MTM Rimfire Ammo Wallet

Here’s a product that will keep your ammo organized, quiet, and easy to find.  The MTM Rimfire Ammo Wallet also helps me to keep the many different rounds I shoot easily organized.  If you were like me when I first started squirrel hunting, I used bulk box ammo.  I would get a handful of that ammo and shove it in my pocket.  Sometimes so much that it looked like I had a small apple in my pocket.   It was cumbersome and an easy way to lose ammo.  With the certain lubes on the match ammo, the pocket lint tends to stick to loose rounds in your pocket, and that’s where the ammo wallet comes into play.

MTM Rimfire Ammo Wallets

Now I know some of you are saying, “Why don’t you just carry it in the 50 round box you bought it in?”  Well I can completely understand your logic as you could buy another box or two of ammo for the price of this wallet. If the 50 round box method works for you then this review is pretty much useless, however maybe I can give you a different view of this product. Carrying those 50 round boxes in your pockets can be aggravating and uncomfortable.  Also if you have a rifle that runs bulk ammo well, the MTM rimfire ammo wallet makes it a very convenient place to put your rounds.  What about CCI Mini Mags in the 100 round plastic sleeves?  They sure are uncomfortable to carry and they are about as loud as it gets, well the MTM Rimfire Ammo wallet can solve both of those problems.

MTM Ammo Wallet 2

MTM Wallet comparison

The MTM Rimfire Ammo wallet holds 30 rounds of your ammo of choice.  It will hold 22 shorts, long rifle and magnums, along with the .17 HMR and .17 HM2 cartridges.  The dimensions for the case are 5″L x 3-1/2″W x 3/4″T.  It also has a snap closure, to keep other things out of the case.  It’s constructed out of a heavy duty polymer that should last for years to come.  They easily fit into a cargo pants pocket, shirt, or front pocket with ease.  I usually carry mine in the small pocket on the front of my Ribz pack.  Just open the wallet up, push down on the nose of the cartridge and it’s loose and ready to load in your magazine or chamber.

MTM Rimfire Ammo Wallet

If you carry more than one rifle with you to a squirrel hunt these will keep your ammo easily organized.  What?  You carry more than one rifle when you go on a squirrel hunt?  I sure do.  How much would it suck to travel a great distance, and get into the hunt to find out that your rifle is off or, that something breaks on that rifle.  It happened to me twice last year.  It always pays to carry a backup, if you have that option.  So keeping ammo organized in my situation is key, and the MTM Rimfire Ammo wallet helps me do that.  This is a quality product, manufactured right here in the USA.  I think it’s a great product, worth a look.

MTM Ammo Wallet Cargo pocket

MTM Ammo Wallet shirt pocket

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4 thoughts on “MTM Rimfire Ammo Wallet

  1. I agree, I have two wallets and also two of the Marbles Catch-22 ammo carriers. The Marbles carrys a full 50 rds, but the MTM is totally quiet. Great product.

  2. I agree with you 100% on this review, at first I was thinking why would I ever need to organize my ammo like this? Then you mentioned that you carry multiple rifle with you when you go out to the woods. Which I have done and can see why it would be a good practice. That’s when it all clicked. I could carry 30 rounds of Winchester subsonic for my Browning t-bolt, and another 30 rounds of Winchester White box ammo for my Henry lever action and save a lot of space in my pack that would be taken up by a bulk ammo box which usually ends up being loose ammo rolling around in the bottom of my pack. Great review.

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