Extended Ruger 10/22 Magazine Release

If you’ve spent any time behind a box-stock Ruger 10/22, you come to find that the factory magazine release leaves a lot to be desired.  Some folks like the recessed mag release of days past, and some like the newer extended design.  I find myself in the extended magazine release camp, but what Ruger supplies from the factory won’t drop your magazine 100% of the time.  Sometimes it takes a little manipulation to get the magazine out.

After becoming annoyed with there system I decided to search for a better magazine release.  The Ruger 10/22 aftermarket accessory market is HUGE!  So deciding on which mag release I wanted to test was somewhat time consuming.  I did know that I wanted a mag release that had some custom art work on it.  That lead me to Laser’s Edge Studio, and there plethora of mag releases with all kinds of designs to choose from.  Of course being the squirrel hunter I am, I was looking for a mag release that was squirrel related.  The machining is top notch and the fit for me was perfect. There is even a machined relief for operation of the bolt-hold-open lever!

10-22 Extended Mag Release

When I found that they had a squirrel graphic on there release I had to have one to check out and evaluate.  If you can field strip a firearm then installing a new mag release is not a difficult job at all. Upon receiving my release I installed it and checked its function.  What I found is that releasing the magazine with the extended leverage that the new mag release produced, warranted much more reliable extraction of the magazine.  The magazine will just flat drop out now.  No more finger fiddling to remove the magazine while operating the release at the same time.

10-22 Extended Mag Release 2

The “art” area of the mag release had me wondering if that widened paddle would accidentally discharge the magazine on a normal hunting expedition.  Surprisingly during the 2015-2016 hunting season I never lost a magazine while carrying the “Gray Ghost.”  I was almost expecting to lose the magazine while the rifle was slung over my shoulder.  I suspected the mag release would get hung on my Ribz pack and eject the magazine.  Luckily that never occurred, even with deliberate attempts to get it to release.  

10-22 Extended Mag Release 3

I think if you are looking an alternative to Ruger’s factory mag release, and you want to add a little personality to your squirrel rig Laser’s Edge Studio offers a great product that will fit that void.  They’ll even do custom work, along with the many other stock designs they offer.  Below you’ll find the “Squirrel Response Team” addition I purchased through Ebay.

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