Sighting in a Squirrel Rifle

Ever wondered how to go about sighting in a squirrel rifle?  Well maybe my method can help you along the way.  In these two videos I’ll show you how I go about sighting in 9 power and under scopes, and 10 power and above scopes.  I also talk about ammo choice being a contributing factor in accuracy.

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5 thoughts on “Sighting in a Squirrel Rifle

  1. If the squirrels had any idea how much trouble we go through just to hunt them with rimfires, they would be laffin their tails off. Ever try a .410?

  2. Nate, Howdy;
    Liked your methodology, specially the bit about always being surprised about what can be learned
    (10X sight in @ 15 yds.).
    Do you have any video of you sighting in your Fedderson/Ruger? Would like to see how that one shoots for ya.


    1. Hank,

      I haven’t made time for that yet, but I may just let your request be my initiative to hit the range and review that rifle prior to squirrel season in October. I think it will be worth my while and the rest of my viewers to see how well this rifle preforms. I went 10 for 10 just the other day on some cuts of banana at 54 yards with SK Standard Plus that had been hollowpointed by the Waltz die. That rifle is gonna be a major pain for squirrels on opening day. Feddersen may get squirrel hate mail!

  3. Hi I liked your video about sighing in 25 yard. I saw you were carry a pistol . what is it a 22 or bigger. I do the same but I go way back country and no 911.

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