Journal Entry 12/27/2012

Rifle: Browning T-bolt

Scope: Weaver RV7 2.5-7×28

Ammo: Winchester SS 40gr. HP


Just me and the dogs today. I set my phone alarm for 6am and dismissed it, bad idea, as the next alarm I heard was my wife’s I-phone going off at 6:40am. Needless to say I didn’t get hunting until a little after 7:30. Went to Stacey’s place. Sassy and Koda were read to go. First time out for the T-bolt all season too. It’s a rifle I’ve always had great confidence in. Today proved to be no different.  It’s a great, lightweight choice for hunting on the move.  


I started on the pond side of the farm, heading down the path that the “poacher” stand is on. Sassy got out of sight and started barking. Usually that is a solid sign. It took me a minute to figure out where the squirrel was, as she wasn’t locked down on any particular tree. I found him, about ¾’s up in a hickory tree just on the other side of the path. He was trying to counter the movement of the dogs. I was in a good position to take a shot so I powered up to 7 and put one in the neck and out the bean. One squirrel down right out of the gate. It was also windy today so I didn’t know how that was going to affect things, but the dogs sure help out in situations like this.


The next squirrel was all the way over at the other ladder stand, in the section of woods where the squirrels just don’t seem to slow down for much. Back and forth they run, hardly even stopping. Sassy got after one and ran towards the small pines, so I went to investigate the situation. I found the “squirrel” in question in a red oak, backed up against the trunk of the tree. Sassy didn’t know where this squirrel was at. I had to move around a little to find a tree to post on that suited my needs. I posted up and broke a shot, missing just over the squirrels head. The squirrel flattened out on the branch. I cycled the bolt, and made a quick follow up shot hitting the squirrel right in the head. Nice big male.


We strolled on down the path and around the skirts by the river/swampy area. I happened to see a nest that was in a leaning maple tree, connected to a holly tree, up against a poplar tree. This was too good not to shake. I walked over, laid my left hand on the maple, and gave it a shake, and out came a mature male. He ran up around 15 feet above the nest and bladed his self away from me. I think I powered up to 5 as it was probably a 20 yard shot. The crosshairs were blurry. I was free handing so I took my time, steadied and broke the shot. The bullet just skinned the shoulder, hit the base of the skull and out the forehead. Brought him right out of the tree. The hunt ended around 9:30am, and for 2 hours it was certainly worth getting out, even if I was late.

Stacey's 12-27-2012


Shots taken: 4


Squirrels taken by myself: 3 

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