Journal Entry 01/19/2013

Rifle: CZ 452 American #1

Scope: Clearidge Ultra XP 4.5x14x40AO

Ammo: SK Standard Plus 40gr. Solid

This was a cold (23 F) morning with a heavy frost. I met my brother, Kevin, up at the store for a hunt on property he had access to. He brought his squirrel dog, Tank and I took Sassy. They really weren’t of much count. Tank did tree before good light but the squirrel either denned up or hid really well. We didn’t get onto another squirrel until we made the swamp and Kevin shook one out of a nest. He came out and went back in as I was working to an open spot to make a shot. Kevin shook him back out and I used my stixs to make a neck/head shot to knock him out. That SK standard ammo is crazy accurate, but at $5/50 it should be.

The next squirrel was semi treed by Sassy as she and I both heard the squirrel scratching up the bark of a tree. I saw him pass a nest in a viney sweet gum and found him nestled in a “V”. My brother ran video while I prepped for a shot. Again out of my stix, maybe 35 yards. Went in that jaw and out the opposite eye. The dogs ended up playing tug of war with this squirrel.

We worked the field edge next and Kevin shook a tree that was leaning into a pine with both a low nest and high nest. The squirrel came out of the high nest and went to the top of the tree. I ran video this time as Kevin prepped for a shot. He missed on the first because of a bad angle. The second shot hit mid body and blew the squirrel off of the trunk of the tree into the canopy. He was using his Ruger 10/22 with a bushnell 4 power scope.



Kevin shook one more squirrel out before we made it back to the trucks and I took that one with a head shot posted up against a tree. I went 3 for 3 with the new scope and ammo combo in this new CZ 452. I am very pleased with where it is at.

Shots taken by myself: 3

Squirrels taken by myself: 3 

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