Journal Entry 12/06/13

Rifle: CZ 452 American “Squirrel Whisperer”


Scope: Clearidge Ultra XP 6-20x40AO Mildot


Ammo: SK SS HP 40 grain


The only thing better than leaving work early is not going at all. So I put in half a day and then headed out to hunt with my buddy Chad on a newer piece of property he’d acquired to deer hunt on. Chad had talked to me about how bad the squirrels had been hitting the corn pile they had out and said it would be a great opportunity to take some squirrels.

Squirrel hunting over corn

We got situated in our spot a little early. The temperature was warm for this time of year, somewhere between 70-75 degrees. It was overcast with rain expected the next day. It took a little while to see the first squirrel, but it was privy to the fact we were there. We only sat 21 yards from the pile, which was a little on the close side. They knew something wasn’t quite right.


Chad's position 12-6-13

The first couple of squirrels evaded us, as we were trying to film the kills. After loosing the first few, we weened ourselves off of the camera. Chad got on the first squirrel coming out of the bottom up to the corn pile. He took the shot anchored on a homemade pair of sticks I gave him years ago. The shot, with 36 grain Mini-mag, from 32 yards anchored the squirrel quickly.


Squirrel 1 12-6-13 32y

The last squirrel came up within 15 minutes of Chad’s kill from the same direction. Chad alerted me to it and I quickly prepped for a shot. At 27 yards from my stix, I broke a shot that rolled the squirrel completely over. I assumed it was a body shot, but upon closer inspection it was a well placed head shot. The squirrel was done immediately. We only had a small window of daylight left, which produced no other squirrels.

 Squirrel 2 12-6-13 27y

Sometimes you just have to cut out of work to take advantage of the weather and time spent with people you enjoy. I spend a lot of time waiting for squirrel season to come in, and it seems like it ends all to quickly, so taking time out to get in the woods is always a good thing.


Squirrels taken by myself: 1


Shots taken by myself: 1

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