Journal Entry 11/12/2012

Gun:  CZ 452 American #2

Scope:  Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 4.5-14x44SF

Ammo:  Aguila Super Extra Subsonic 38gr. HP

We picked up another piece of property today as a referral from Bill’s 10 acres we were hunting.  Word came through the grape vine that we were efficient in taking squirrels out and Bill’s neighbor (Jimmy) had a problem with squirrels taking his black walnuts off a tree in his yard on his 24 acre property.  We were very grateful to pick up another 24 acres of hunt-able land.

Brad and I decided to hunt Bill’s that morning and the movement was fairly good.  I ended up taking two, while Brad came away with one.  One of the funniest things said that morning was by Brad:  and I quote “Let me lean up on that pump house and make this shot.”  Well that shot was about 15 yards and we he’s still wondering how he missed that squirrel.  There is something for certain though, if you don’t know your rifles capabilities at short distances like 15 yards you can surely miss a squirrel just as easily.  Make sure you shoot your rifle at 15 yards so you know what “hold over” you should apply to make the hit required to drop a squirrel at close range.

Bill Morning 11-12-12

So for the afternoon we decided to check Jimmy’s place out and that was a good idea.  The 1500 square feet of are around his black walnut tree was littered with squirrels that had no idea we were bringing a couple of well tuned CZ 452’s to the show.  There were two areas of the short needle pines that we hadn’t even given consideration to for squirrels but were harboring five that we ended up taking.  Those smaller pine cones were just there size and they made easy work of them like a fox squirrel would a much larger pine cone.

Just on the backside of this area we came up on a patch of white oaks that was housing a group of three squirrels.  Brad had a difficult time finding the squirrels as they were hiding well.  I used Brad’s movement to put the squirrels in position for me to be able to take.  One by one I picked them off from there respective locations.  I felt bad Brad couldn’t take any, as we usually take turns shooting, he just couldn’t find them.  All eight of the squirrels we took that afternoon were females.  I’d say we put a small dent in the reproductive chain in that area.  Another great day spent in the field.

Jimmy's afternoon 11-12-12

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