Squirrel Hunting January 2015

Too much footage to save for the 2015-2016 season video.  Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

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1 thought on “Squirrel Hunting January 2015

  1. Hello
    I love this squirrel Hunting Journal. For years I’ve wished there was
    A work like this. Very well done. Nice articles and I enjoyed the hunt videos. I’m from north eastern PA. Outside of Athens near the NY. Boarder. Myself and a few hunting companions are very serious squirrel hunters.

    We have an annual squirrel Hunting camp. We set up wall tents on a large tract of private land far removed from any house or even road. And spend a week, In The October hard woods of Eastern Penn. Roasting squirrel over a camp fire at night and hunt Squirrel all day.As sportsman we are bombarded by deer deer deer. Don’t get me wrong I love my deer hunting. And it is important to my family. We use a LOT of deer meat in this house. But I don’t think we give Squirrel hunting the attention we should. Maybe we will put together a little artical of this seasons squirrel camp with some photos of our week long encampment and email them to you.

    This year we plan on a little gear change. We have developed reduced cast bullet loads for a 223 , 222rem and a 22-250 . each load duplicates the 22 mag. performance .Its been fun to develope loads and test each . Off season work for squirrel Hunting is always exciting and fun. The 22mag has been for years a go to cartridge for us. In virgin timber by late October shots can be on the long side. So these center fire 22 cal rifles with reduced loads will be a good match . The 22LR is a very popular and effective round here as in any other part of the country . And is our choice in the early seasons thick canopy and second story growth . When the temp drops and the wind blows the woods open up in a hurry And I’ve taken squirrel out to the 90 yard line. Where only days before I couldn’t see past 50 . We also do a three day muzzle loader hunt. That is kicked off by a warm fire where we cast the lead ball for the next days hunt in a primitive camp.

    Buckskin hunting shirts , the works, we make our own gear from knife to powder horn. Grind coffee beans with a tomahawk live on the game we take. And end the hunt is topped off with a little rendezvou where food is plenty. And we shoot the mark and throw hawks and knife in contest. And go home to have the wife cure that strange rash and check ya fer tics . well I still got the rash….but she got the ticks. Anyway its good to see there are brother Squirrel hunters out there. You see with us its not just a Small game animal. The squirrel is the center of so many fun times in camp. Days afield in the time of harvest and plenty. The garden is canned the wood is split and stacked the hams are hung. The jam cupboard is full. The meat birds are in the freezer and the smell of wood smoke and Apple pie and fall leafs fill the air. Its time to put down the labor of summer and join with friends camping among the giant oak of the Penn. High lands . And hunt Squirrel. You can see ….to us. , the squirrel is the most important of all our game animals.
    Thanks again for this great work.

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