Journal Entry 10/25/14

Rifle:  CZ 452 Squirrel Whisperer

Scope:  Clearidge Ultra XP 6-20x40AO

Ammo:  Eley SS HP

Well there wasn’t a whole lot to this day.  It took us over an hour to get on the first squirrels.  They weren’t exactly where we thought they would be.  As we stalked through the poplar, hardwood, and pine mix we finally heard what sounded like squirrels running through the leaves.  As we crept up on the noise, we saw a squirrel scurry down to the creek bed.  We considered taking up the trail, but let closer noise keep our attention.

10-25-14 Morning

As we moved over the crest of the hill, into a grove of white oaks, we finally caught some movement.  A couple of squacks were bouncing around in the leaves, unaware we were there.  I moved in to prep for a shot and Brad ran film.  As we moved in the squirrels moved into an oak tree and began to collect acorns.  The movement was way to sporadic to level a shot.  One squirrel moved into a couple other trees and the other stayed in the oak.  The squirrel that tree hopped, came down a tree and posed on a pile of brush.  I was ready and in position to take the shot.  Brad and I both thought the squirrel was closer, but in adjustment of my objective we found that the squirrel was a little over 30 yards away.

I steadied the crosshairs and broke the shot.  The squirrel collapsed onto the brush pile, with no other movement.  Upon inspection the squirrel had been hit at the base of the head.  The spine was crushed, and the squirrel expired immediately.  Afterwards we discussed the shot and I luckily “threaded the needle” through a closer downed pine tree to put this shot on its mark.

10-25-14 Squirrel Hunting

While re-living the shot, we caught more movement.  It was Brad’s turn to get this squirrel.  It made it’s way up a sweetgum tree and settle down.  Brad picked a tree and anchored for a shot.  When he broke the shot, he thought he made contact, but from my angle you could see the squirrel climb higher in the tree.  Brad settled in for a second shot.  When he pressed off this shot the muzzle report was different.  Brad was also using a suppressor and the shot reminded me of what a squib load sounds like, very muffled and weak report.  I suggested to Brad to pull the bolt on his CZ 455 and look to see if the bore was obstructed.  Luckily upon inspection it was not.  I know you are wondering, “What about the squirrel?” well it was missed on this shot too.  Safe to frolic for another day.  What would have blown the day would have been chambering another round and firing, had we experienced a squib load.  It can’t be stated enough that safety requires all of your attention, all the time.

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