Stoney Point Steady Stix II

You know I’m not much on missing an opportunity to take a squirrel while out hunting.  For my style of hunting, I like to carry a pair of Stoney Point Steady Stix’s when I hit the woods.  (Apparently Primos has purchased Stoney Point and now manufactures Steady Stixs).    They are simply a pair of collapsible tent poles, bound together by a rubber “V” that you place your rifle in to take a shot.  They fold down to a fairly manageable 14 inches and come with a belt sheath to carry them while you are on the hunt.

Hunting with Sassy T-bolt

I usually will carry mine collapsed while on the stalk or hunting over dogs, unless the squirrel action is really heavy.  If I’m sitting for a spell I will have them extended, ready for any shot that presents itself.  They are quite lightweight at 6.4 ounces.  I can easily forget that I have them with me they are so light.  That can be a bad thing, as I set a pair of the camo ones down in the woods during a squirrel hunt and had to back track to recover them.

I was taught as a young hunter to find the nearest tree to post up on to take a shot, and I still use that technique, but sometimes I find that the perfect shot and the perfect tree are two different things.  Sometimes the tree works out and I will take the shot from there.  I’m not above using  the nearest tree at all.  This pair of sitxs allow me to make my own shot from anywhere I have an area to plop down and anchor in on a squirrel.  I can recount many times trying to pick a tree to use, and then reverting to my stix to make my own spot to take the shot.  There is something that breeds confidence in me to make a shot from the stix, and here are some reasons why:

1.  I’m seated, that gives me a more stable platform to take a shot from.

2.  I have my rifle stock locked into the “V” notch, which helps with stability.

3.  I can take a shot that may not be available from a specific area.

Steady Stix II

I can recall being on a path cut through the woods and having the perfect shot from the middle of the path on a squirrel high up in a poplar tree, well other than free handing the shot there aren’t many other options.  This is a situation where the stixs shine.  I think they are a great product and under utilized in most hunting situations.  If you see me in the woods, I’ll have my Stoney Point Steady Stix with me and that’s a promise.

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5 thoughts on “Stoney Point Steady Stix II

  1. After reading about your use of shooting sticks I decided to invest in a set. I just purchased the Primos Polecat Steady Stiks. Stoney Points are no longer manufactured. I am really impressed how steady they are. I look forward to trying them in the Squirrel woods this fall. Even after 48 years chasing bushytails I guess you are never too old to learn something new. Thank you for the idea! Ed

    1. Thanks for letting me know it was helpful for you. I can’t venture in the woods without my trusty sticks. I feel my accuracy has improved because of the steadiness they provide. I hope you find that to be the same for your upcoming season. Good luck out there.

  2. Love the journal.Used to hunt with a 22 Sears rifle and a weaver scope.Whole thing cost about 35:00 in the sixties.Many happy days squirrel hunting an d plan to do more this year.Got a ruger rim fire and looking forward to it .Had several dogs and will be working with a new one this year.Theres something about hearing a squirrel change trees at dawn. Rob

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I see you get the same feeling squirrel hunting that I do, be it dog hunting or just slipping through the woods.

  3. I ordered a set and they came in today. I spent some time at our lease today and I can tell you I’m going to like these things. From a sitting position I was hitting one inch spinners at fifty yards. Thanks for the recommendation.

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