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8 thoughts on “Want to Submit a Squirrel Hunting Story or Image?

  1. Nate.

    I love sniping. A suggestion for you on your Stix. There are really expensive sniper tripod attachments for your rifle. As an alternative I went to Home Depot and got a galvanized post brace for like 5 bucks. Drill a hole in the bottom middle to meet the Primos base, add styrofoam and secure with masking tape. This cradles and holds your gun in place allowing you to glass for squirrels.

    Hope that helps you!!

  2. Hey Nate.

    Finally got out on our Missouri last day of the season this past Saturday. You might call my setup a bit heavy but it is what it is:

    CZ USA Tacticool.22 LR 16.5” barrel
    American Manufacturing Suppressor
    Hawke Sidewinder 30 8-32*56
    Winchester Ammo W22SUB42U 42 Max .22 LR SubSonic Hollowpoint

    That Hawke is amazing!!

    Overcast day about 46 degrees, mild wind.
    Was able to connect with 5 over 3 hours 2 coming from the same tree. I can’t wait to see the balance of your season


    1. That’s a heavy rig for sure. Sounds like your setup is very effective. I think the Hawke line as far as quality starts at the Sidewinder level. It’s so much fun to snipe them from long range without the others getting spooked. Glad you had a great trip.

  3. Coming back from Hatteras yesterday and riding on the passenger side of the truck looking out the side window, I saw my first fox squirrel. That thing was huge. We were on hwy. 64 in Edgecombe county driving west, it was on the ground beside a row of pine trees, it was’nt black, but it was really dark gray. We caught lot’s of fish, but that squirrel made my trip.

  4. Nate…is January typically a hard month to hunt squirrels in NC? On three trips to some NC game land covered with hardwoods and an abundant food source I’ve only seen 3 squirrels and landed one. Trees with den wholes are all over and so are nest.

    1. It can be. They can be denned up for a majority of the day. I like using a dog in January and February, to me it ups my odds. Also January is a breeding time for squirrels so they can go into “lock down” like whitetail deer and that could be responsible for there absence.

  5. Hey! Great to see another squirrel hunting enthusiast! I’ve been hunting my Southern Illinois region for a few years now, and it’s been a blast. Keep up the good work and keep the website updated!


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